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Quick Tips: Checking For LPG Hose Expiry Date And How To Identify Fake LPG Hose Pipes

LPG hose is usually connected to the regulator outlet and to gas cylinder bottle. When obtaining a hose for your gas cylinder and home-use, make sure you obtain ISI/BIS approved hose from authorized distributors only. It must comply with the regulations in force in the regulator's country of use and check any specific directives covering its application. 

LPG will cause natural rubber and some plastics to deteriorate. This is why only hoses and other equipment specifically designed for LPG should be used. 

LPG hoses on a average, have an expiry date of 5 years. If it is an original LPG hose, this will be marked on the body along with the hose specifications. Don't be fooled by online marketers claiming that the hose offered is designed to last up to 15 years. The longitivity of LPG hose solely depends on the brand and the material used. Most common one's are the PVC water hose pipes.

So, that your LPG hose pipe at home does have expiry date, the date of manufacture, and it expires five years after date of manufacturing. The expiry date is printed on the body. You have 5 years to use your LPG hose without worries, and you know when exactly to book a replacement. Even if your LPG hose looks in good condition, it should be replace every 5 years, as it is impossible to see internal stress and damage.

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