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A Complete Guide: Applying for an LPG Plant Permit with NMDPRA (DPR) 2023

Applying for an LPG Plant Permit with NMDPRA (DPR) 2023

To apply for a fresh LPG gas plant permit from the NMDPRA (formerly known as DPR), LPG plant owners and companies can follow the steps provided by the regulatory authority on their official website,


The registration process begins by visiting the website's homepage and clicking on the "Register" button. After registration, applicants can proceed to apply for licenses through the portal. The application options displayed on the portal include Legacy License, Site Suitability, Approval to Install, and License to Operate.

For those with manually issued licenses, the first-time users or those holding manually issued licenses need to follow specific steps. They should select "Legacy License" from the "Apply for Licenses" section and provide the required information, such as the previous license number and expiry date. After reviewing and submitting the application, a reference number will be generated for tracking purposes. If applicable, the old manually issued license should be uploaded (maximum file size of 4MB). Once the DPR approves the application, a new License Number will be sent via mail and displayed on the company's dashboard.

Legacy Applications, which are licenses existing outside the portal, must be inputted into the portal before proceeding to the next phase. This involves entering the current Authority to Construct (ATC) number.

After receiving the new License Number, applicants can select the desired application from the list and follow the instructions to submit it. The payment page will be accessed to pay the required fee using the CBN Payment Gateway (Remita).

NMDPRA payment page using the CBN Payment Gateway (Remita).

The next stage involves adding/uploading the necessary documents in PDF or TIFF file formats. Each required document should not exceed 4MB in size. The uploaded documents can be reviewed before submission and will be stored in the document library. Once the requirements are met, the applicant can click the "Submit Application" button. The application will be forwarded to the NMDPRA/DPR for processing, and the applicant will receive a notification once the processing is complete.

For support and assistance with the LPG plant permit application, applicants can contact the following:

Te:l 01-2790000


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