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About Us


Welcome you to our website. Naija LPG was created with the view of making LPG gas innovation available and accessible to every households in Nigeria and beyond.

Based in Nigeria, we are experts in researching, constructions, designing, repairs and developing base plans that helps the Oil And Gas industry achieve more than ever thought possible. Our team have been reaching out to every local industries and areas in both developed and underdeveloped nations of the world.

At Naija LPG, your goals are our goals and that's exactly how we like it. Whether you're just starting out or already established - your goals are the seed from every ideas we have.


We pride ourselves on providing cutting edge research, solutions and development within the Oil And Gas sector in Nigeria; as well as managing our presence all over Africa and the rest of the world.

Our team works alongside business owners, retailers, agents and international and local partners to maintain the highest level of quality across the country.


Got any questions to ask us? We're all ears. We love to hear it, and we act on it on a daily basis. We know that you push hard to achieve great success in your business endeavours. So you should know that behind the scenes, we push even harder to make sure that happens. From 24/7 customers support to regular contents to inform, inspire and impact. We can't stop working with you.

No one is left behind. No goal is too big but no goal is too small either. So there's no judgment here. Just support and advice.

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