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The safety of our people, contractors, customers and distributors is fundamental to our business. We are committed to highest standard of LPG products and services of approved quality. We recommend always to our customers to obtain BIS/SON approved rubber tubes, hosepipes, cylinder bottles and LPG regulators from authorized distributors only.


As part of our commitment to zero fire and fatal incident prevention protocols, we gave introduced a range of safety processes. 

These include:

* Mandatory safety training for all operators, new joiners including contractors.

* Mandatory safety precautions for visitors in the LPG business environs.

* Risk assessment for hazardous tasks and permit to work system.

*First aid mandatory training.


Quality is at the heart of our brands. Our commitment for quality products and services are defined in our quality and environmental safety policies.

We have clearly recommend business in the Oil and Gas sector the best manufacturing practice in production process covering raw materials, constructions and sales/financial aspects. We have a particular focus on continual improvement and providing world-class standards through highly trained quality teams and state of the art of technology.

We also maintain good working relationship with local regulatory and government agencies.

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