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Know When Your Cooking Gas Is Empty At Home - Simple Tricks

Know When Your Gas Is Empty At Home - Simple Tricks

To check your gas cylinder's level, pour hot water down one side to reveal condensation indicating the gas level. Alternatively, run your hand down the cylinder's side; you'll feel a temperature change where gas is present. Never refill an empty cylinder yourself due to pressurization risks. Instead, return it to us for safe replacement, refill, or exchange. 

Where there is liquid propane, the metal will feel cool, and where the metal changes to a fairly warm temperature, that is the liquid level of propane in the cylinder. If the metal is warm/hot and not cool anywhere your cylinder is empty or near empty.

The secret of the slow pour is to get a good amount of heat onto the metal, where there is vapour there is nothing to absorb the heat, where there is liquid the heat is absorbed. You should get a nice clear change at the liquid level.

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