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How To Unlock And Open a Gasul Tank Type Safely

How To Unlock And Open a Gasul Tank Type Safely

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Yeah, you have just purchased a Gasul Tank and ready to cook your favorite meals. But guess what!! Many of these gas cylinder tanks usually don't come with user's manual. All the excitement in the air, is now filled with the thoughts of safety. 

When it comes with LPG gas, safety should be your top priority. First off is setting the stage. You can do this by placing the Gasul tank in an open and well-ventilated space. It should be far away from direct sunlight and ripping water. Then, take a moment to smell around for unusual gas smell – No smell? A good sign that all was well. Safety check: done!

In most cases, using an adjustable wrench can be the best approach to opening the Gasul tank, most especially the 50 kilos tank. It important to have the perfect tool to unlock the gas vault.

Turning the valve, fit the wrench so it could grip on the valve, then turn the valve counterclockwise. As you turn the valve open, a little hissing sound should be heard – that is the sound of gas flowing, indicating that everything was in order. No abrupt bursts, just a gradual release.

Don't stop, unless your desire flow is reached, so keep turning until the valve is fully open. Normally, there is a natural stopping point. With this, your Gasul tank is ready for action.

One of the most important thing, is to check for safety. Taking a step back, visually inspect the surroundings. No leaks, no hidden dangers.

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Now that your Gasul tank is ready, you can ignite the gas stove. The flame should give an easy blue flame. After all is said and done, the Gasul tank can be switched off by turning the valve clockwise to close it. This closing act ensured safety and conserved gas for your next cook.

Lastly, before leaving the kitchen, give the valve a final look. Check if it is securely closed.

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