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How Much Is 20-Metric Tonnes Transportation Costs In Nigeria?

There are many localities in Nigeria, from small villages and towns, to large cities. All of these localities in different 36 states of Nigeria are different distances from their closest delivery depots, which in turn are different distances from their supply terminals. If your LPG gas plant is located in Ogun State for an example, it is only ideal that you order from Apapa depot terminal, as that seems to be the nearest to your location. Each has a specific cost of delivery, and this complexity is one of the reasons why it is difficult to publish pricing for all areas.

For example, if your LPG gas plant is 10km from a depot, the cost of delivery would be much different than if you lived 100km away. Transport costs and refinery terminal fees are also a significant part of the overall cost of delivering LPG. Rental costs, fuel costs, DPR costs, account administration costs and other costs plus considerations that will affect the price.

Nigeria LPG is source from importers, so LPG pricing can also vary by country from the source. There are three (3) distance related transport cost pricing:

1) Distance from original source to the main terminal.

2) Distance from the main terminal to the various locations depots.

3) Distance from the local depot to your location.

Here is the trick to always avoid high transport cost in Nigeria. First off, assuming you owned a double 2.5ton capacity gas plant, make sure you order for a single delivery/road trip. LPG gas supplier takes thousand of litres per delivery, so you have nothing to worry about.

As you may see, location can hugely affect the cost of transportation for LPG gas. These prices are not regulated like other other things in Nigeria. What you may need to do is to contact your supplier and ask the right questions on pricing for delivery. Note, you don't want to be in Kaduna and planning to get from a depot at Port Harcourt. Know that the delivery cost will be very high compared to one closer to you - Be wise.

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