Naija LPG Blog: Repairs, Maintenance, Depot Prices and Gas Price Calculator All You May Need To Know About Gas | Fuel Generator Carburetor In Nigeria

All You May Need To Know About Gas | Fuel Generator Carburetor In Nigeria

You can save yourself the stress of buying fuel, brand new gasoline generator. A carburator working perfectly and very durable is what you need.

The gas/fuel allows standard gasoline generators to run on cooking gas / Natural Gas. This carburetor is pre- assembled and designed for 5Kva - 10kva generators.

NOTE: Carburator (Kafuretor) of a variety of types, large and small. 
- Mini hybrid Carburetor with model number: 02-36, will operate on generator
with 2kVA and 3.6kVA.

- Large carburator (Kafuretor) with model number: 038-11, will operate on
Generator with 3.8kVA and 11kVA.

The Large carburator is being sold in Nigeria @ N35 to N40 thousand naira.

The Importance And Benefits Of Doing The Petrol To LPG Generator Conversion.

- Your generator will stop smoking, no noisy sound, and stop smoking.

- You will also get easier to spend petrol money because cooking gas is cheaper than petrol, and you will get easier to provide your PowerGenerator service.

Hey friends, check out this dual petrol to lpg gas carburetor i bought on jumia 👉👉 Durable, long lasting and reliable.

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