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Avoid These Top Mistakes When Using Gas Bottle Outdoor For BBQ Barbecue Grilling

The leading cause of fires for BBQ grill outdoor usage are POL gas fitting and connection failure, leaks or breaks. These caused over 70% of outdoor BBQ grill fires.
It is important to know that LPG is heavier than air. Any leaking gas will flow downwards slowly. Never lay BBQ gas bottles down or on its side, unless it was specifically designed to be used that way. BBQ gas bottles stored incorrectly on their side, with the LPG liquid covering the cylinder valve, would have liquid released instead of gas vapour if the valve open. This would create a significant increase in danger. 

All BBQ gas bottles should be stored in a upright position at all times. Laying a BBQ gas on its side is dangerous, as it defects the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV). In addition, after BBQ grilling is done, make sure you disconnect the attachment from the BBQ gas bottle, and securely remove the gas regulator, making sure the valve is firmly closed.

Use the correct type of BBQ gas fittings, regulator and hose pipe. Do not make temporary connections. Keep hose gently curved to prevent kinks and damaged for BBQ gas bottle safety.


Is it safe to store a gas bottle under the barbecue place?

A: No. Gas bottles can leak or release gas, which is highly flammable. Placing them under the barbecue increases the risk of ignition from heat or sparks.

Q: What are the potential dangers in wrongly storing gas bottles?

A: Heat from the barbecue can increase pressure inside the gas bottle, leading to leaks or even explosions in extreme cases.

Q: Where should I store a gas bottle instead?

A: Store gas bottles in a well-ventilated outdoor area away from heat sources, direct sunlight, and ignition sources like electrical appliances or flames.

Q: Can storing a gas bottle under the barbecue cause damage?

A: Yes, heat from the barbecue can potentially damage the gas bottle, which can cause fire or explosion.

Q: What should I do if I need to move a gas bottle temporarily?

A: Always turn off the gas supply and allow the barbecue to cool down completely before moving the gas bottle to a safe location.

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