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DIY: How To Solve LPG Gas Regulator Not Fitting A Domestic Cylinder Bottle At Times

Why doesn't a LPG gas regulator fit a domestic cylinder at times? For the same reason you should always know the type of valve of the gas cylinder bottles before making the purchase. Each countries gas cylinder valve type are different from each other. For the list of countries type of filling system, valve and regulator, check the article below....

It is always recommended you buy suitable gas regulators for your gas cylinder bottles. If you are not sure about the usage, ask the distributor for help. 

On rare occasion, the sealing O-ring rubber inserted inside the neck valve (intended as cushioned seal to avoid metal to metal contact), may not fill in place properly, causing difficulty in coupling. This follows escape of gas with a hissing sound. In this case, check whether the sealing O-ring rubber is in place inside the gas cylinder valve by feeling the cylinder valve neck with the help of your little tip finger. Do not use gas cylinder if the O-ring rubber is missing. Put back the safety cap and contact your distributor for replacement of gas cylinder. 

Always remember to check the user manual on the brand and model of gas regulator purchased. If you are not sure about the usage, please ask the delivery person for a demonstration.

NOTE: The Quick-On+ regulators are designed so as to be fitted to the cylinder valve, if only its handle is in "off" position. You can't attach or remove the gas regulator from the cylinder valve unless the gas regulator handle is in the "off" position.

Before fitting the gas regulator onto the cylinder valve, make sure you remove the plastic protective plug from the automatic valve. Remove seal cap with no flames on. Place the gas regulator onto the cylinder valve and push down firmly and vertically. You should be able to hear a "click" sound, which means the gas regulator is securely fitted to the gas cylinder bottle.

Lastly, do not attempt to use gas cylinder bottles of the O-ring rubber is missing. The O-ring rubber can help reduce iron to iron friction of valve and regulator. It also helps tighten gas regulator on the valve.

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