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Choosing A Location For Your LPG Gas Plant/Facility In Nigeria

Think about open land available in your region. Market analysis have shown that one of the top things a consumer thinks about is the closeness of the plant. Choose a location closer to markets, local businesses, restaurants or Hostels/University. Customers will want a location that is along a major route to work and convenient in terms of terms of transportation. However, you can offer home delivery service. This will be include on your business cards. 

Think about the set up of your gas plant at an open area. A developed residential location, closer to or opened to business opportunities, or maybe T-junction. Customers will want to go to a gas plant that is easy to enter and exit from nearby roadways. You will want to avoid an area that is already saturated with gas plants (other competitors). Two are better not more, because this then leads to huge marketing sharing. 

Look into areas where there is a lot of growth, such as around major bus-stops. As new neighborhoods and estate crop up, there will be a demand for new gas plants. Research the locations where gas cylinders and cooking accessories and more are consumed, such as factories and food chains.

You will want to place your gas plant a distance away from certain locations to avoid the competition. However, not too far from business opportunities and sites, or not in a isolated area. Think future. Consider setting up your gas plant to where potential growth is bond to happen. Real estate Industry and newly developed residential building locations. Do proper market research with a professional real estate agency.

Consider hiring modeler, artitech to work with you. These professionals will help you build a modern facility at the site you are planning. This can also help you decide whether or not your design is feasible at the location and if there is too much competition nearby.

Thank about the accessibity of a potential gas plant to local roads and inter-states. Your presence along a key inter-state or street will draw in customers. Take into consideration the flow of traffic during different times of the day. You want your gas plant to be on the same side of the road close to major markets and shops.

Research current and future construction projects by government agency in the area. You will want to avoid opening a new business along a route affected by long-term construction.

Remember, customers will try to avoid highways and roads with heavy construction. If also there is bad roads at or near your location, consider purchasing a different space. Even short-term construction projects can impact your business.

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