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DIY: How Do I Fix Gas Regulator And Hose To A Single Burner Stove and Gas?

To begin with, there is no worldwide standardization of LPG cylinders, valves and regulators. Not all LPG regulator does fit a domestic cylinder at times, because every country have its own different valves, adapters and fittings. So, always remember to buy suitable regulators for your cylinder bottles.

Just like the valve connections (27mm diaphragm), as found on 12.5kg and above; you can also connect your medium, small size cylinder bottles with permanent hose pipe to use outside the house. In Nigeria, the small size cylinder bottles such as the 3kg, 5kg and 6kg comes in different valves and requires a different type of regulator, unlike on for 12.5kg medium size gas bottles. For the small cylinder bottles, you only require the burner & valve. Valve on the cylinder allows the gas to pass through the regulator to the stove.

Fortunately, some manufacturers now produces Quick-On+ fixed low pressure regulator for medium size cylinder bottles. Brands like LONGTIME® have domestic regulators you can use to supply has to utilities at specific pressure and flow. Yeah, we are used to seeing low pressure regulators fitted directly to a cylinder featuring a 20/21/22mm or 27mm, quick connection valve (12.5kg cylinder valves). However, the LONGTIME® low pressure regulators for small size 3kg, 5kg and 6kg gas cylinder bottles inlet and outlet are compatible with the cylinders and the appliance being fuelled. You can replace adapters, valves and regulators to sort through usage, guarantee that it comply with the regulations and standards of the country in used.

LONGTIME ® QUICK-ON+ fixed low pressure regulators are compliant with standard and for every type of liquified petroleum gas: Propane, Butane and LPG.

The 25kg and 50kg POL cylinder bottles are not built in way that an external regulator can fit in. These gas cylinder tanks comes with an already fitted regulator POL regulators.


* Brand: LONGTIME ®

* Type: Z90

* Gas Type: Propane, Butane and LPG (as written on the label)

* Input Pressure (p): 1-16 bar (Propane), 0.3 - 7.5 bar (Butane), 0.3 - 16 bar (LPG)

* Outlet Pressure (pd): 29 mbar/ 37 mbar/ 50 mbar (as written on the label).

* Guranteed Output (mg): 1kg/h - 1.5kg/h - 2kg/h.


Make sure that all taps of the gas consuming appliance are closed and regulator handle is in 'CLOSED' position. Connect the end of the regulator outlet, if necessary with the aid of soapy water. Fasten the hose using clamps. Do not over-tighten to prevent damaging the hose (in some countries, the hose clamps and the hose are of standards dimensions). Make sure that the connecting pipe is correctly fitted to the consuming appliance. With no flames on, remove the seal cap from the automatic valve, place the Quick-On+ onto the cylinder bottle valve and push down firmly, and screw anticlockwise direction. After fitting the regulator correctly in to the valve, gas FLOW can be opened by turning the knob.

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