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What Size Of Gas Cylinder Bottles And How Many Should You Buy For Home-use In Nigeria?

Depending on your needs and demands, you can get larger gas cylinder bottles. The 12.5kg gas bottles are taller and suitable for family. They are typically for large gas cookers for houses. Big cylinder bottles are convenient for appliances that don't move much. However, large gas cylinder bottles can be too heavy to transport, so they are not suitable for camping or travel. Big gas bottles can also increase the safety risk, because they require larger space for storage. In fact, you can may find that large cylinders like the 47kg are banned on campsites for safety reasons.

When camping or in limited space, small size gas bottles are recommended. They are easy to accommodate and transport. So, aim to get a cylinder bottle less than 25kg (and a 25kg cylinder is still a big cylinder for camping). 

There are broad range of sizes available in local gas retail shops like the 3kg, 5kg, 6kg, 10kg and 12.5kg. Some local markets also offer 2kg, 15kg and so on. Choose one that meet your demands. If you are the type that need a lot of gas for cooking, you could consider the 25kg or 47kg sizes. This helps you avoid running out of gas when cooking. Instead of taking two or more gas bottles of small size for refilling (which of course, increase the cost and makes transport more expensive and difficult), you could just fill up one 47kg gas bottle at a go.

For home-use, depending on the appliances connected, 6kg or 12.5kg cylinders are recommended sizes. You don't need many gas bottles for cooking at home. Do not store as cylinders in large quality at home, as this is very risky. A cylinder gas bottle or two is enough.

To know what size and how many had bottles you need for your home, combine with the number and type of LPG appliances you have, this will help you determine the size and number of gas bottles you need for you home.

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