Naija LPG Blog: Repairs, Maintenance, Depot Prices and Gas Price Calculator Are There Regulatory Requirements for Safety at LPG Gas Refilling Premises in Nigeria?

Are There Regulatory Requirements for Safety at LPG Gas Refilling Premises in Nigeria?

The authorized dealers/distributors premises of license LPG marketers in Nigeria are required to comply with the following safety requirements:

The premises shall NOT be located in:

a. Residential building.

b. Basements or building whose floor is below ground level.
c. Double/multi storey building.

d. Building frequently visited by public.

e. Building adjoining thr line of property occupied by schools, mosques/churches, hospitals or other points of public gathering.

f. Building adjoining welding shops, hotels/food stall or other premises where open-flame is used

2. Construction should not be combustible material such as wood e.t.c

3. All electrical wiring must be concealed

4. There should be not source of ignition/open-flame within the premises (e.g no cooking, no smoking e.t.c).

5. The premises shall be provided with at least one portable fire extinguisher.

6. The premises shall be well ventilated using air inlets and oulets/vents, at the outside, at both top and bottom, and shall be located at least 5.ft (1.5m) from the building opening.

7. There shall strictly be no equipment for LPG decanting (filling one cylinder with another cylinder) i.e pump e.t.c on the site.

8. A sign board clearly mentioning the distributor name and authorization of the respective LPG marketing company, along with the company logo should be displayed prominently.

9. Price list of the respective LPG marketing company should be prominently displayed.

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