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How To Use A Digital Weighing Scale For A Gas Cylinder?

Can I Use A Digital Scale To Weigh My Gas Cylinders

If you've ever wondered whether you can use a digital scale to know the weight of a gas cylinder, the answer is yes!

First thing first before using that digital scale to weigh your gas cylinder, make sure to read reviews, user manual and choose one that can accurately measure with the right figure. Also be sure that it is well calibrated. Or you give to a professional technician to help you calibrate it properly. Calibration allows for accurate measurements.

After perfectly calibrating the digital scale, place your gas cylinder on the surface/platform of the scale. Make sure the cylinder is stable and positioned centrally on the scale. Once the gas cylinder is in place, the digital scale will display the weight on the dashboard screen. Take note of the measurement for your reference.

For the most accurate results, you may want to weigh the gas cylinder multiple times and take an average of the measurements.

Read The Weight

Once the gas cylinder is placed on the scale, wait for the reading to stabilize. The weight displayed on the scale represents the total weight of the gas cylinder, including the gas inside.

Subtract the Tare Weight

To find out how much gas is left in the cylinder, you need to subtract the tare weight. The tare weight is the weight of the empty gas cylinder without any gas inside. You can usually find this information printed on the cylinder. Subtract the tare weight from the total weight displayed on the scale to get the weight of the gas inside the cylinder.

Calculate the Gas Level

Once you have the weight of the gas inside the cylinder, you can use this information to estimate the gas level. Different types of gas cylinders have different capacities, so refer to the manufacturer's specifications (usually stamped on the neck ring) to determine how much gas corresponds to the weight you've measured. For example, if your cylinder can hold 20 kilograms of gas and you've measured 15 kilograms, then you have approximately 75% of gas remaining.


1. Is it accurate to use a digital scale for weighing gas cylinders?

While using a digital scale, be sure it is one that can provide reasonably accurate measurements. Some may not be as precise.

2. Are there any risks involved in using a digital scale?

Using a digital scale for weighing gas cylinders poses no risks. However, it's important to handle your gas cylinder with care to avoid damage.

3. Are there any alternative methods for weighing gas cylinders without a dedicated scale?

If you reason for weighing your gas cylinder is to check the gas level, you can also use hot water to the the remaining gas left in your gas cylinder.

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