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Things To Do If Your Gas Cooker Catch Fire

Don't Panic, Do These Things To Quench It.
Things To Do If Your Gas Cooker Catch Fire

Gas Explosion is now very rampant today. This is because of the increased use of gas cookers by people. There is no doubt that gas Cookers are easier, neater to handle, and faster than firewood or even stoves. 

Almost all Nigerian homes are now using Gas Cookers because it is cheaper than using Kerosene. But the major risk associated with using a gas cooker is that it can lead to gas explosion which can claim the lives of thousands of people. 

If you use a gas cooker, you should do everything in your power to avoid it. But if it happens, Don't Panic, Do These things to Quench it.

1.1 Find a Towel

1. Immediately your gas cooker catches fire, find a towel, preferably a big one. Add detergent to a bowl of water and immense your towel into the detergent.

2. Use the towel you soaked inside a bowl of detergent water and cover the gas cylinder.

3. This will make the fire to quench immediately.

But it is always best to avoid things from happening before finding remedies. So here are possible reason why your gas cylinder might catch fire.

1. The Use of a nozzle that is faulty

If you use a nozzle that is faulty, your gas will start leaking from there, which will result to explosion. So once your nozzle becomes faulty, change it.

2. When you fill your gas to the brim.

If you gas cylinder is 12kg and you fill it to 12kg, it will start leaking. So never fill your gas cylinder to the brim.

3. Make sure your burner is not faulty.

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