Naija LPG Blog: Repairs, Maintenance, Depot Prices and Gas Price Calculator Why Is My Gas Regulator Not Properly Fitting On Cylinder Bottle?

Why Is My Gas Regulator Not Properly Fitting On Cylinder Bottle?

How To Properly Put A Gas Regulator on Your LPG Gas Cylinder

In your kitchen where all the cooking are done, this could be your first time and you are faced with the issue of putting a regulator onto a gas cylinder bottle. To solve this technical  issue, is just as easy as it goes, if you follow the right process.

Before anything, make sure your gas cylinder bottle and the regulator are compatible. Also, make that you have the user's manual in your hands, as this will assist you with step-by-step instructions for an easy installation.

While holding the regulator and examining your gas cylinder bottle, you should located the connection points. This step will help you to figure out how the puzzle pieces can be fit together. But before proceeding, take a quick moment to check for any leakages. A quick scan for any gas odors around the cylinder.

So, with the regulator in your hand, align it with the connection point on the gas cylinder. Gently pushing and turning, it was like connecting Lego pieces – a click sound is the goal. Next is to hand-tighten the connection, you should make sure you have a secure and correct fit between the regulator and the gas cylinder bottle. It is almost the same as securing a lid on a jar, making sure it was just right.

Now that the gas regulator is in place, it is important that you perform a leak check. A mixture of soap and water applied to the connections will help you know if there is any potential leaks, so you should remember to always give a gas-tight seal. If you have confirmed of no gas leaks, now is to activate the gas flow. Slowly opened the valve on the LPG gas cylinder. As the valve opened, you should try keep a close ear, listen for the hiss of gas. A subtle sound signifies a smooth flow. No abrupt noises, just a reassuring hum.

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