Naija LPG Blog: Repairs, Maintenance, Depot Prices and Gas Price Calculator Is It Bad Or Possible To Convert LPG Autogas Cars Back To Run On Petrol Fuel?

Is It Bad Or Possible To Convert LPG Autogas Cars Back To Run On Petrol Fuel?

Is it possible to convert these LPG, CNG vehicles to Petrol?

Is It Possible To Convert Autogas LPG/CNG Vehicles To Run On Petrol?
Anything is possible but It would be a huge undertaking. Much better off to buy a petrol one. Why buy the gas one if you don’t want the gas?

Best off to stick with the gas or sell it for a petrol one. I’ve seen a many people try and give up going to petrol on various pages online. Yes, I think at this point you should just stick with gas.

If you plan to keep it running on Autogas, just know that it is not available everywhere. Now that we have no local car industry, there’s even less chance of lpg being supported as you can’t buy a new lpg car. Only a handful of global manufacturers make lpg cars. Yes, it’s a great fuel, could help hugely with cost of living issues, easily reduce environmental footprint - however, Autogas such as LPG and CNG is not readily available.

Best is to sell it and buy a petrol. Put it back on marketplace for what you paid and see what happens. But personally, I’d just leave it and run it instead of spending huge amount of money to convert it. LPG still runs good. You won’t go wrong. From:


* Petrol lines and return lines

* Filler neck

* Fuel tank

* Fuel pump and wiring

* Intake manifold

* Injectors and wiring....

It's possible, anything is when enough money is thrown at it. Easiest and cheapest way if you are very mechanically minded is to buy a whole car that's wrecked as a donor. But I'd only do this if you are very mechanically inclined. But as you're asking how, that probably means you're not and you'd pay someone to do it. Which would cost thousands plus the just sell it and buy another car is the easiest and probably cost effective route.

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