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Why Are My Customers Saying My LPG Cooking Gas Is Not Good And Doesn't Last?

First off, it could be from the scale calibration, which can give improper reading.

Every morning, before you start selling, you should place a stone or iron (note, keep this particular stone at one corner of your shop, as it figure inputs can be use to determine faulty calibration) on the scale to know if your scale has been reducing weight or overcasting weight by always compares the weigh figures you have written in a book previously to what's on the scale.

NOTE: Scale use to high by itself and reduce by itself. That doesn't means the scale has spoil. It's only need repair by qualified scale technician.

When it is high, the customer will be saying your gas is not good and you will be losing customers.

When it is reducing, you the seller will be having lost.

However here in Nigeria, LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) cooking gas uses the mixture of both Butane and Propane at different proportions. Here is the Issue - Propane is stored at significant higher pressure than Butane, which explains why LPG storage tank doesn't last long when filled with Butane in countries with harsh high temperature climate, like Africa. This is why Propane gas would be the preferred refilling option if available, as LPG storage tanks are typically stored outside.

Here is the catch - the higher the temperature, the colder LPG becomes, which is why Propane is more better than Butane, because Butane evaporate at higher temperature. To confirmed this - Try touch your cooking gas cylinder when at use at home. You will feel the cold sensitivity on your hand. This also happens during a refilling.

The approved Nigeria LPG (cooking gas) for domestic consumption is 100% Butane (which is wrong, if you ask me), or 85% Butane and 15% Propane, provided Propane is not more than 15%. Some LPG deport supplier ratio ate different e.g some uses a 95% Butane and 5% Propane specification. Others offers a mix ratio of 70% to 30% (this is the best), and 86% to 14%.

Always compare LPG suppliers, if your profit is lower than what you order to your gas plant, better you change that depot. Or better still, install sprinklers that will help water the storage tank during harsh Sunlight conditions.

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