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9 Effective Steps To Take When Your Home Gas Stove Catches Fires From LPG Gas

Gas stoves are essential appliances in many households, providing efficient cooking solutions. However, accidents can happen, and knowing how to respond in case of a gas stove fire is crucial for maintaining home safety. Here are step-by-step instructions on what to do if your LPG gas stove catches fire at home, ensuring your family's well-being and property protection.

1. Stay Calm and Act Quickly:

In the event of a gas stove fire, the first and most important step is to remain calm. Panic can lead to hasty decisions and potential hazards. Quickly assess the situation and act promptly but calmly to minimize risks.

2. Turn Off the Gas Supply:

If it's safe to do so, immediately turn off the gas supply to the stove. Locate the gas valve behind or beneath the stove and turn it off by rotating it clockwise. This will help prevent the fire from spreading further.

3. Avoid Water:

Never use water to extinguish a gas stove fire. Water can spread the fire or cause a sudden flare-up due to the nature of the LPG gas. Instead, focus on using non-water-based fire extinguishing methods.

4. Use a Fire Blanket or Lid:

If the fire is relatively small and manageable, use a fire blanket or a metal lid to smother the flames. Gently place the blanket or lid over the flames to cut off the oxygen supply and suffocate the fire.

5. Turn Off the Stove Knobs:

Make sure to turn off all the stove knobs to cut off the gas supply to the burners. This further reduces the risk of the fire spreading.

6. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy:

Having a fire extinguisher specifically designed for kitchen fires, such as a Class K extinguisher, can be a lifesaver. Learn how to use it beforehand so you can respond effectively if needed.

7. Evacuate and Call for Help:

If the fire continues to spread or becomes uncontrollable, prioritize your safety and evacuate your home. Call the emergency services (fire department) immediately to ensure professional assistance.

8. Do Not Re-Enter Premises:

Once you've evacuated, do not re-enter the premises until authorities declare it safe. Gas leaks and other hazards may still be present, even after the fire appears to be extinguished.

9. Arrange for Inspection and Repairs:

After the fire is under control and the authorities have given the all-clear, have a professional inspect your gas stove and surrounding area for any damage. It's important to ensure that the appliance is safe to use before cooking again.

Knowing how to respond in case of a gas stove fire is essential for protecting your loved ones and your home. Remember, prevention is key, so make sure to follow proper gas stove usage and maintenance practices to minimize the risk of fires in the first place.

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