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How Long Can A Generator Run On 12.5kg LPG Gas In Nigeria?

Depending on the duration. LPG more economical than petrol. LPG cheaper than petrol. As it stands, LPG has less tax duty and costs about half the price of petrol.

3kg of gas can last for 14hrs. While 12.5kg of gas can last for 2 weeks @ 6hrs usage daily. It all depends on the usage and capacity.

Based on my current research, here is what I came up with below:

•N1800 got me 3KG of Gas at N600 per KG

•N1800 got me 3.69L of Petrol at N488 per L (Note: other States sells for N500 and above)

The analysis of the time the gas and fuel was able to run a 3.5KVA Generator is as below:

•N1800 worth of Gas powered the generator for 9Hours

•N1800 worth of Petrol powdered the generator for 5.53Hours; approximately 6Hours.

So using Gas saves a minimum of N125.33 per Hour.

How Much Gas Does A Lpg Generator Use In Nigeria Currently? 

The amount of gas consumed by a generator will depend on a number of factors. In general, a medium-size generator with d 5000-watt power capacity can consume anywhere between 0.6 and 0.8 gallons of gas per hour. So, you can divide the fuel tank capacity by the fuel consumption rate per hour to find the running time.

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