Naija LPG Blog: Repairs, Maintenance, Depot Prices and Gas Price Calculator Why May You Need Extra Cylinder Tanks (50kg) Available In Your Gas Plant

Why May You Need Extra Cylinder Tanks (50kg) Available In Your Gas Plant

Do not depend fully on your LPG gas skid filling system, as sometimes fault may occur either from the gas pump dispenser itself or from motor pump engines. Even power supply or gas circuit may malfunction unexpectedly. This is more reasons it is recommended having extra filled up gas cylinder tanks, available in case of these TECHNICAL troubles. In a situation of a faulty gas filling system during operation, you can easily switch to the manual tank-to-tank refill method. 

For tank-to-tank method, you will need a digital scale, pending the time your gas service repairman arrives. Refilled gas cylinders should not be stored indoor in shops. The gas cylinder bottles must be stored outdoor in a clean, dry location, protected from weather, atmospheric agents and direct sunlight. It must not be knocked on dented in any way. Always store the gas cylinder bottles in vertical position at plain level, at a well aired place.

You should always have an alternative sales-point, just in case the gas skid filling system developed some faults. You wouldn't want to keep your customers waiting or you will lose them to your competitors.

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