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Tricks: Manipulating LPG Gas Pump Dispensing Without Meter Reading

NOTE: This is for learning purpose only. We do not encourage theft and dishonesty among LPG gas skid operators.

To run this trick successfully, all you need working is just the gas Skid motor engine running. With this, LPG gas is easily flown/move from the tank, the pipes and to the refilling nozzle hose, without the gas pump meter detecting the reading. This is not magic. 

As have discussed in previous articles, there's always a few QUALITY of LPG gas remaining in both the pipes running from depot tank and the hose, even after refilling for customers. This remaining gas for hose, is up to 1kg. In pipes, 3kg. 

So to drain or refill up a cylinder bottle without the gas pump meter reading, you will need to open the pressure valve of the depot tank, not totally, but a little far from the middle. Then, switch your power supply powering the Gas skid. Fix the nozzle mouth to the cylinder bottle valve you wish to refill. Run the gas pump dispenser without inputing a litre/price figure in the dashboard. Once the gas pump mote engine starts to run, open the nozzel valve. Hold the nozzel hose, you will notice some movement of gas moving into the cylinder bottle with the gas pump meter reading.

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