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Running A Small Scale Mini LPG Gas Plants In Nigeria

SALES RECEIPT: You should have a piece of paper that shows ans acknowledge that goods and services have been paid for. Always remember to give customers receipt after refuelling. The receipt should show date, customer name, kg sold and signature. Also, having receipt for all transactions done at your gas plant is very good.

SELLING PRICE: This is the asking price per kg. First, at the start of operation, consider selling in kg to customers instead of using price tags. You can set this through the gas pump dashboard.

GO CASHLESS: Accept various means of payments for your business transactions. You can deploy the use of cash machine such as Mobile Banking App, Scan Codes, Bank Transfer and P.O.S. This make it easy for customers buying in bulk to make payments.

STORAGE TANK CHECK: Contact your LPG supplier beforehand, before the gas in the storage tank gets exhausted. Do a routine check-up of the gas guage indicator from time to time. Gas guage allows you to know the level of LPG remnant in the storage tank.

CYLINDER BOTTLES SAFETY: Do not refill cylinder bottles under high temperature area. Prevent storing gas cylinders indoors, if outdoors, gas bottles must be positioned in a place protected from the weather, atmospheric agents and direct sunlight. Gas cylinders can explode under high pressure and temperature. LPG gas needs to cool off always. It is recommended that you run water taps above the storage tank.

GAS CIRCUIT: Faults from power supply can cause damages to the gas skid filling system. You need enough electricity power, in the right voltage, to power the gas pump dispenser and motor pump engines. Low voltage can reduce motor pump efficiency and gas pump dispenser capacity to the very low minimum. And it can also cause unexpected damages during operation. 

If your gas skid filling system runs on powered diesel or gasoline generators, you will need bigger voltage and capacity model. It is more safe to go for a diesel generator, because it consume less fuel, it is environmental friendly and high capacity. For gasoline generators, I did recommend you go for the SURMAC Fireman brand.

SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE: Just like humans, we get tires when overworked. The same are with machines. Your gas skid filling system accessories such as the gas pump dispenser, motor engines and so on, needs servicing, like every 6 months interval. For motor pump engines, slow flow of gas are mainly caused by dirt clogged in the pipelines. These dirt's block gas to flow to the filling system.

Make sure the filling adapters on the gas pump dispenser, are changed from time to time. Always do a routine check-up on the gas skid filling system before the start of each day. Don't forget to test run.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS: Always have a fire extinguisher nearby. When a gas leak is detected, extinguish all flames, or go to the nearest safe exist. Do not use electrical devices or the telephone if a smell of gas is noticed. Gas leaks may cause fires and explosions. Switch off all has circuit and gas skid filling system. If you are unable to control the fire, call the fire service.

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