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Illegal Refilling Of LPG Gas Cylinders At Unauthorized Sites And Black Market In Nigeria

Some government agency in Nigeria warns about unlawful refilling of LPG cylinder bottles at illegal refilling sites in the country. These government agency have issued a safety warning following report of unlawful and dangerous cylinder bottles refilling at self-service refuelling sites. It has come to their notice of Increasing numbers of people using adapters to refill LPG cylinder bottles through to tank-to-tank method. This practice is not only unlawful but also highly dangerous as there is a strong probability of leak occuring and cylinder bottles being overfilled.

The refilling of LPG gas cylinder bottles through tank-to-tank method is potentially extremely hazardous activity, and safe filling requires appropriate expertise and training of operators, use of certified equipments, safe working procedures and a safe environment. LPG gas stations or gas plants incorporate safety measures to ensure the safe refilling of cylinder bottles through the gas skid filling system. However, these illegal retailer shops do not include all of the necessary safety elements required for refilling LPG cylinder bottles.

Furthermore, refilling cylinder bottles with the wrong type of LPG adapters, that does not comply with specific directives covering its application, can lead to serious appliance malfunction and cause safety devices to fail. Member of the public who refill LPG gas cylinders using tank-to-tank method tools, not only create a serious risk to their own safety and safety of others, but are also contravening health and safety regulations in force.

In the event of an accident as a result of this type of activity, local communities could be liable to persecute local LPG resellers, as damages could already be done. Communities in Nigeria are now told to be vigilant and take appropriate action to prevent the unlawful and potentially dangerous refilling gas cylinder in this manner.

The public might think it is an easy and convenient way to top up a cylinders, but they are actually putting them selves and others at risk of serious injury from fire or explosions. If caught, legal action will be taken in court. Many retail LPG resellers have been arrested for unauthorized refilling of gas cylinder bottles in recent days.


1. What is illegal refilling of LPG gas cylinders?

  - Illegal refilling is when people fill LPG gas cylinders at places not approved by the government.

2. Why is it wrong to refill LPG gas at unauthorized sites?

- It's unsafe because these sites might not follow safety rules, leading to accidents.

3. What is the black market for LPG gas?

 - The black market is where people sell LPG gas illegally, often at higher prices.

4. Why should I avoid buying LPG gas from the black market or Retailers?

 - It's risky because the cylinders might be filled improperly or with low-quality gas, causing harm.

5. How can I make sure I'm buying LPG gas legally?

  - Always buy from authorized dealers or gas stations and check for proper certifications

6. What should I do if I suspect illegal refilling or black market selling?

  - Report it to the authorities immediately to prevent accidents and ensure safety for everyone.

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